Monday, 27 February 2012

Drains News

After all the recent excitement with by elections and feed in tariff reviews it's good to get down to some nice simple everyday issues like the drains. A householder on Ingleton Road in Newsome was finding her garden waterlogged and after investigation the Council found that it was the result of a blocked drain on the former allotment site on Hart Steet. The drains were completely silted over. The Kirklees workmen found a drain which had been completely blocked with earth and had to get a JCB to dig it out. There will now be a new drain cover put over it. The drains feed into the 2 mill ponds just beyond the Hart Street land. As it was completely filled with earth they are going to have to construct a new drain cover. I just wonder who filled it in in the first place and when and why they did it. Another reason, if any were needed, not to develop on this land which has important watercourses running through it which impact on other houses in the Newsome area. The excavated drain now has temporary fencing to prevent anyone falling into it. Thanks to Diane Sims, the ever vigilant,  for alerting me to this one.

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  1. Is this the drain where the catchwater system from the higher parts of Newsome empty into? Didn't the mill have water rights to the hillside just below the castle all the way to Newsome?