Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Friend and relation

Cllr Friend Cooper, Mayor of Rotherham 1976
Today saw me heading to Rotherham Town Hall for a seminar on electric vehicles as part of an EU project on action to address climate change. I'd never been to the Town Hall before but I did remember that my Grandad told me that his brother, Friend Cooper, had been a Councillor in Rotherham. I thought I'd have a nose round and see if his name was on anything around the place. So I was chuffed to discover this photo of him on the wall showing him in his Mayoral robes in 1976. He was of course an 'Old Labour' Councillor. A couple of people I spoke to knew him including Cllr Roger Stone who was hosting the event. I unfortunately never met him. He had a gift name for his election leaflet 'Vote Friend'.

I've never really considered my family to be very political really apart from my brother Richard (the Tory Cllr in Harrogate), my Grandad on my mum's side who was an Independent Cllr (Tory really) and now Cllr Friend Cooper. This 'non political' family argument of mine doesn't seem to be going too well!


  1. So I guess you as a green councillor are labour in disguise - trying to fool the middle classes of Kirkburton that you are anything but.

  2. Hello Anonymous. Not a fan then. Ah well! The usual comment from Tories is Greens are watermelons - Green on the outside, red on the inside (yawn). I'm not trying to fool anyone I just say things as I see them and I put my name to what I say. Try it.