Sunday, 10 July 2011

Kirkburton Parish Walks

The Kirkburton Parish Walks project part funded by the East Peak Innovation Partnership and Kirkburton Parish Council is beginning to take shape. Hand sculptured stone guidestoops will be a key feature of the walks. Parish Cllr Michelle Atkinson is leading on this exciting project which will leave a lasting legacy on our local landscape.

They're carved by Shepley sculptor Dave Bradbury and they truly are things of beauty. The great thing is that they will most likely be still around in over 100 years time and then who knows how long they might  still be around pointing the way along our beautiful pathways.

I wandered down a path at Farnley Hey this evening on a hunt for the latest guidestoop which I came across about half a mile from the main road. There should be around  ten of these dotted around the Parish which covers around 22 square miles. Once they're in it would be good to arrange a walk where you can visit them all in one day.

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