Saturday, 4 June 2011

Zombie Posterboards!

The Zombie Posterboard
 Its time is over. Long past its sell by date it still haunts our streets - the zombie posterboard! All around, the lamp posts are bare now, but it clings onto existence, you could hardly call it a life. What is its purpose? To mock the one that bears its name? To remind us that in life it failed in its task? Now it is forgotten by those who put it up. They have long gone back to whatever accursed place they came -  Birkby I think.

 It was doomed from the start. Put on a telegraph pole against the very fundamental laws by which posterboards are supposed to abide. Is there be any doubt that having transgressed in such a way that it would be doomed to hang over us for all eternity?

The Zombie Posterboard can be found at the junction of Stile Common Road and Malvern Rise, Primrose Hill

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  1. Gareth Morris - Newsome resident4 June 2011 at 09:59

    This idle littering indicates the contempt they have for the residents in the area. Every election we get a selection of strangers to choose from: strangers because they don't do anything to help the area; strangers because they don't take part in the community; strangers because they don't communicate with the residents. And to top it off, they come up with the laziest, least imaginative, and most conventional campaign idea in the history of campaigning: a sign on a telegraph pole.

    Thank you, Zombie candidates, for a lasting reminder of your un-voteworthiness. :-)