Thursday, 21 April 2011

Green Party Local Election Broadcast

A good straightforward message from Caroline Lucas who is a real asset to the Green Party.

Going through the literature from the larger parties I have been struck by the dodgy graphs, the photographs implying local action when there is none, partial information to support an assertion they know is wrong, half truths and the downright lies. There is a lack of standards by political parties in their own election campaigns that would not be tolerated for the advertising of a product to purchase. When confronted by this sort of thing politicians from these parties often just shrug and say' that's politics' as if it were an answer or an excuse. Lib Dems are often the worst and most shameless offenders which I always found ironical given they used to portray an image of being above that sort of thing and agianst 'yah boo' politics. Rant over for the time being.

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