Sunday, 20 March 2011

Newsome green fields under threat

Great turnout for our demo to protect land in Newsome and below Castle Hill from development

A great turnout yesterday for our demo against the threat of development to green field sites in Newsome and below Castle Hill. We reckon over 150 turned up. You might have thought these fields would have been safe as they are owned by Kirklees. OK maybe you wouldn't but we are currently going through the Local Development Framework process and it is vital that local opinions about maintaining our open spaces are not only expressed but listened to and acted upon. There are significant brownfield sites which are under utilised. Allocating greenfield and greenbelt land for development will be disincentive to develop our derelict areas and therefore stifle regeneration.NIMBY is often used as a disparaging term for those who don't want building on land in their backyard but this land is everybody in Huddersfield's backyard. It is the backdrop to Castle Hill which is part of the DNA of the people of Huddersfield. The image of the Victoria Tower on Castle Hill surrounded by fields is ingrained in the local consciousness. To see it threatened by encroaching development is something everybody in Huddersfield should care about.

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