Saturday, 19 March 2011

Bring on the wall!

Our Cllr Julie Stewart-Turner has being having the devils own job trying to get Kirklees to help out Primrose Hill Bowling Club who found they had responsibility for £20k to £40k of wall repairs to a wall that could fall on pedestrians with tonnes and tonnes of soil behind it. In the end it went to the Town and Valley Committee at our request and was passed by all Cllrs there. I wasn't at all sure how this would go and I do wonder whether we'll have something in Labour leaflets in Newsome taking credit for this one. They do have form in this regard. Here's our press release

Council steps in to help with dangerous wall

A dangerous wall in Primrose Hill is to be repaired thanks to action by Kirklees Council.

A high retaining wall holding back tonnes of earth on Malvern Road, Primrose Hill is badly bowed and could fall onto the pavement and road with potentially fatal results. Due to lease conditions with Kirklees the wall is the responsibility of Primrose Hill Bowling Club.  Quotations for repairing the wall and making it secure ranged from £20,000 to £40,000 for a complete rebuild which was beyond the resources of the club.

 Newsome Green Party Councillor Julie Stewart-Turner  took up the issue with Kirklees on behalf of the Bowling Club,

“This is not a small project and the club simply didn’t have the funding to resource it. The club’s future as a community facility was threatened by the unexpected responsibility of repairing the wall.”

Julie asked for the issue to be taken up by Huddersfield Town and Valley Committee.

“It has been a real struggle to get this issue agreed with Council officers, trying to get them to appreciate the financial realities of a small community organisation like Primrose Hill Bowling Club having to find such a huge sum but I am pleased that Councillors on the Huddersfield Committee have backed us on this one”

 “Ultimately lives could be at risk here and we can’t be arguing about where responsibility lies when the consequences of not taking action could be fatal.”

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