Sunday, 20 March 2011

1000 Fruit tree project - Phase 2

The 1000 Trees Project is collaboration between Kirklees Streetscene Service (Parks and Open Spaces) and Newsome Councillors, funded through the Area Committee. The object of the project is to plant 1000 fruit trees across the ward. These trees will bring many benefits to the area including improved landscape quality, improved diets for locals who pick the fruit, (including improved levels of physical activity), additional wildlife habitat for some endangered wildlife species and also reduction in pollution levels.

Phase 1 involved the planting of fruit trees across Newsome Ward on council owned open green space. Phase 2 will involve 100 apple trees being planted in house gardens across Newsome Ward by the householders. Any Newsome resident will be offered one apple tree at the reduced price of £5. This will also include a tree stake, tree tie and planting /care instruction sheet. The money collected will then be used to provide plants for a proposed herb corridor along a public footpath in the Newsome Ward.

Julian Faulkner, Kirklees Social Forestry /Allotments Officer and Councillor Andrew Cooper will be at the 

Growing Newsome Seed Swap on Saturday 26th March, 10am to 12 noon at Newsome Scout Hall
to distribute trees and  to offer advice to those wishing to take part.

 For further information on the seed swap visit

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