Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Greens to run volunteer Bus Service for 18th year in a row.

The Green Party will be running a free volunteer Bus Service on New Year’s Day for the 18th consecutive year. The first service was run in the early 90s when Bus Services were drastically reduced over the festive period.

Green Party Councillor Andrew Cooper said,

“This is now one of the longest regular volunteer bus service in the country. We have seen some progress in recent years with Metro and First reintroducing services on Boxing Day on many routes, but unfortunately not all. There is a lot of talk these days about a ‘big society’ and about volunteers running services. This is an example of where we have been doing exactly that long before the words ‘Big Society’ were ever used. Our aim has never been to replace existing bus services but to encourage bus companies to reintroduce regular services during holiday periods”

The Newsome Bus Service starts at 11.00a.m and runs for 8 hours allowing people to go to Town do their shopping, visit friends and loved ones in Huddersfield Royal Infirmary or just to simply to go for a festive pint in the Town Centre.

The Greens ran a Bus Service on Boxing Day this year linking Flockton and Grange Moor with Huddersfield. Kirkburton Green Party Councillor Derek Hardcastle who drove the bus said,

“It was a huge success and we had over 70 people use the service to visit relatives. People were really enthusiastic about it and it allowed people who don’t have access to a car and can’t afford Taxis to get out of the house. These are villages that are often poorly provided for in many ways so it was good to be able to provide this service.”

Green Party New Year’s Day Service

                                         1st Bus       on the hour        last bus

Berry Brow                       11.00              00                18.00

Newsome Church             11.02               02                18.02

Huddersfield Westgate      11.10              10                 18.10

Huddersfield Infirmary       11.15              15                 18.15

Mount                               11.30              30                 18.30

Huddersfield Infirmary       11.40              40                 18.40

Huddersfield Westgate      11.45              45                 18.45

Newsome Church             11.55              55                 18.55

Berry Brow                       12.00              00                 19.00


  1. Have you got a O’ or section 19? otherwise what you are doing is illegal.

  2. Great to read such good positive action - well done!

  3. Thanks for the compliment and thank you for the advice. As we are not driving the minibus for hire or reward my understanding is that we don't need a Section 19. If you have a different view I'd be interested.

  4. As a postscript to this piece we had over 70 people on the Boxing Day Flockton Service and over 40 on the Newsome New Years Day Service.