Saturday, 6 November 2010

Lies and the lying liars who tell them

Phil Woolas Labour MP (as was) has lost his seat for lying in his election literature. It was pretty unpleasant stuff that Mr Woolas put out about his Lib Dem opponent but there really is heavy irony here. Having been in politics a good number of years I've seen some dodgy leaflets from Labour in Newsome but the dodgiest I have seen from all over the place has to be the Lib Dems. The incredibly spurious graphs they produce indicating how high their support is supposedly is one example. When challenged about these tactics I usually get a sort of half embarrassed smile and the words 'well that's politics' as if that were some excuse for having no standards on the paper you stick through electors doors. There was the nonsense they put out accusing the Green Party of calling for lower insulation standards for Council tenants. Scandalous an undefensible but Lib Dem tactics through and through.

Of course we have the Lib Dems in government who's election priorities bear little relation to those of the coalition e.g. Trident, nuclear power, tuition fees etc etc. Are we going to be able to take the whole Lib Dem Parliamentary Party to court for lying in their literature? No of course we can't because if they actually had won the election they would of course delivered on their promises - yeah right. The problem they have right now is that it is difficult to spot the Liberal morsels in the Coalition amidst the devastation that is being wrought in their name.  Anyway for entertainment value here's Captain Ska with 'Liar Liar'. How come Ska comes into its own when there are Tory Governments (sorry Tory/Lib Dem Govts)?

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