Saturday, 14 August 2010

AGC Chair - Position filled

I have a new job! Pay zero, significant responsibility and opportunities for expansion high.

I attended the Association of Green Councillors Annual Conference in Sheffield and was approached to take on the role of Chair which I refused but after a bit of cajoling and the support of  Deputy Chairs Cllr Darren Johnson (GLA/Lewisham) and Cllr John Marjoram (Stroud District/Stroud Town) I agreed to take on the job.

It's an interesting time. We've been through a fairly tough set of elections at the local level due to the general  and Local Elections being held on the same day. We have made some progress with a number of breakthroughs but significant steps back in London where we lost a number of good committed Cllrs. In Norwich, next month the Green Party could become the largest party on the City Council if they are successful in a series of by-elections in September. Experienced Green Cllrs from across the country could be needed to provide advice to the new administration.  We also need to see how we can coordinate the campaigns of Cllrs with our MEPs and MPs. Vitally we need to respond coherently to the Con Dem cuts agenda at the local level and expose the ideological nature of the public spending cuts which goes well beyond deficit reduction.

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