Sunday, 27 June 2010

Spot the Non-Policies no 1 - On your bike!

Today Iain Duncan(Donuts)Smith announced a Tory non-policy with echoes of Norman Tebbit' famous 'my dad got on his bike and looked for work' speech.

It will never happen, never had a chance of happening and the government has no real plans of making it happen. I am of course talking about the 'policy' to move households in council houses in deprived areas to council houses in areas with plenty of jobs. Since the Tories started selling off council houses in the 80's there are now much less available council houses anyway. You also have to ask yourself how much available council housing there will be in 'well to do' areas with lots of jobs - not many if any. So maybe they could build some more Council houses with all the money we haven't got. In any case even if they did have the money they have abolished the house building targets which throws all housebuilding plans into disarray. Of course you have to question the wisdom and morality of a government accepting that some communities should be allowed to sink into further decline as its more mobile working age (young?) people move away. This so called 'policy' is utterly meaningless and I am completely bemused how Duncan-Smith has got some status as a Tory welfare guru when he appears to be so devoid of ideas and initiative. Hence this latest nonsense.

Here's another 'non-policy',David Cameron talking about troops coming out of Afghanistan in 5 years. No plans to do it, no real plan to create a stable Afghanistan, no recognition that British Troops are not part of the solution in Afghanistan but part of the problem. Why 5 years, why not 4, why not 2, why not tomorrow?

Why do journalists give this sort of non-policy, non-story any credence whatsoever?

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