Thursday, 27 May 2010

Over 800 attend Kirklees Council meeting

Was Kirklees proposing to build a nuclear power plant in Fixby? Wind Turbines on top of Castle Hill?
No it was none of these things it was in fact Kirklees Councils first live webcast of a Kirklees Council meeting so the ‘attendance’ was virtual but they attended nonetheless. This was the fulfilment of the successful Green Party motion to have meetings webcast that was passed well over a year ago. With actual attendance usually around the less than 20 mark this was a real step forward in engagement with its citizens.

So what did the citizens of Kirklees make of all this? Well one friend texted me to say,

“All u do is bicker! It’s ace. If you were kids you’d have got your arses slapped”

So there is entertainment value at least! But what the public got was the authentic council experience. The test will be if the public view this and recoil in horror at how they are governed or regard it as robust political debate. It will be worth checking out the Huddersfield Examiner Website Forum pages for comment. That is usually a good (if not necessarily representative) source for vented spleens. Ultimately if we see a backlash we might see a change in approach in the Council and a bit less nonsense (from the Tories usually)

For my part I did some, but not much commentary, via twitter. I wasn’t really in the mood to be honest. I pointed out a wee bit of hypocrisy where blindingly obvious but very soon lost the will to carry on.

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