Thursday, 20 May 2010

Here comes the sun

Imagine a time not very far from now. You're sitting at home minding your own business and someone knocks on your door.

"Hello sorry to bother you I'm calling on behalf of Kirklees Council about providing free solar panels for your house."

"This is a privately owned house the council estates round the corner"

"No this offer is for private householders"

"So how much do I have to pay?"

"Nothing they're free"

"And exactly how much has our Council Tax got to go up to pay for this so called 'free' scheme by the Council?"

"Your Council Tax is unaffected the costs of the panels will be paid for via the new Feed in tariff. All you have to do is sign this form to assign the tarrif to us and you get the panels on your roof"

" Well if I'm going to get no financial benefit why should I do it? I'm not one of these lentil eating, treehugging green types who fit solar panels for the good of the planet you know."

"Actually on average usage you should be able to reduce your electricity bill by about 25-30% per year using the electricity generated by your solar panels so you could save anywhere between £100 and £200 each year for as long as the panels are installed."

"Ok you can fit them but don't make a mess and can I choose the colour?"

So could this happen? We might not be that far off at all. The finances certainly stack up and this week the Green Party on Kirklees got agreement from the incoming Labour Administration to draw up plans to make this a reality. There are issues to be addressed to make this a reality but they are not unsurmountable. Hopefully within the year we will have another revolutionary nation leading scheme to tackle carbon emissions, reduce fuel costs and create jobs.

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  1. How fantastic - well done. We will watch with interest. All the best.