Sunday, 21 March 2010

"Webcasting? - steady now!"

Sometime shortly after the dawn of time as primordial life was making its way onto the shores of the virgin Earth I suggested, and it was agreed, that the Council webcast council meetings. OK slight exaggeration but it was over a year ago. A request came from backbench councillors to move more quickly on webcasting but a meeting of Party Leaders (with one dissenter - guess who?) decided they wanted to proceed more slowly for some reasons best known to themselves.

A test of the already installed equipment has already been done and I've seen it already and everything appears to all ready to go! So what's our next move? Well on Wednesday at our next Full Council meeting we are going to have, wait for it, a test of the equipment (not live)to see how it works. By the time we finally get this going other councils will be producing live holographic projections of their meetings beamed to their expatriate residents on our colonies on Mars!

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