Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Mayors Local Food Awards

One of Cllr Julie Stewart-Turner's innovations in her year as Kirklees Council's first ever Green Party Mayor has been to promote local food for communities, schools and businesses. It has been a real success with the Annual Mayor Making dinner using all local produce including Yorkshire Wine this year.

One important event initiated by Julie was an event where local food producers were teemed up with local buyers to help faciliate deals that make the green principles of local production for local needs very real. This was a hugely successful event and well worth doing again.


The Awards were another element and a way of recognising acheivement of local food producers. It was a great event and pleasing to see Berry Brow Infants and Newsome High School both getting Awards. They were both in our patch and no, neither me nor Julie were Judges! But for me, and I think a lot of people, there it was great to see 'Growing Newsome' getting the recognition they deserved for all the food growing community projects by winning the Community Award. Diane Sims didn't hold back when she collected the award, with the rest of the gang, and her genuine enthusiasm and commitment to the project clearly showed why they had won.

Fortunately several people and companies won awards who were not associated with the Newsome Ward and well deserved they were too.

Will the Awards continue? I think they will and not just because Julie says so, but because the local food agenda is really going to grow and has huge potential to bring people and communities together. That is something we can't really get enough of right now.

I better plant my spuds!

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