Thursday, 18 March 2010

Carry on Planning!

The people of Huddersfield have strong views on Castle Hill and quite rightly so; it is a site of great historical significance, as well as being very much part of Huddersfield’s heritage. People who don't want a public house/hotel there have strong arguments, which I also happen to share. I do, however, accept there are also many people who would like to see a hostelry of some sort built there and have perfectly valid reasons for holding that view. The common factor though, is that people really care about Castle Hill and what happens to the site.

With this in mind I was therefore absolutely astounded by the turn of events at today’s planning meeting, when the subject of Castle Hill came up. The two Liberal Democrat Councillors from the Almondbury Ward had to leave the Planning Committee; this is even more outrageous as one of them is Chair of this Committee. They had no option but to leave because they had prejudiced their position by stating prior to the meeting, in one of their election leaflets what their views were on developing the site. They had effectively ruled themselves out of having a vote on a subject which is so vitally important to many people, because they wanted to simply and irresponsibly posture in one of their leaflets. What exactly is the point of voting for Councillors who through their own irresponsible publicity remove their own right to vote.

The Almondbury Liberal Democrats irresponsibility on this matter is truly staggering especially as they are supposed to be experienced councillors.