Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Barry - "Gordon should resign because........"

Barry Sheerman Labour MP for Huddersfield today called on Gordon Brown to resign. But why? Was it for the continued lack of regulation for the financial sector?, wasting billions on the Trident missile system?, the ongoing tragic farce of Iraq and Afghanistan? or even the Government's pitiful action to address climate change? No it was none of these things it was because the electorate don't 'love' him. 'Sherlock is not going to the toilet' as they say!
In the Huddersfield Examiner he is quoted thus,

"I think over the last two-and-a-half years he hasn't shown that he can engage with the electorate. I think they respect him to a large degree but they have failed to fall in love with him. You need that mixture of love and respect."

If the policies were right, if the economy wasn't in such a mess, if we weren't involved in dubious international conflicts I am sure 'the love and respect' would be easier to come by than it is for Labour. Barry is the archetypal loyalist usually. Blairite before Blair. In policy terms Gordon Brown and Tony Blair couldn't have a better ally but it seems that Labour have had a bit of a foul up in the PR department and Gordon doesn't smile convincingly enough so Barry is getting the knife out Of course in the run up to a General Election it is very convenient for Barry to distance himself from a very unpopular Prime Minister. Given his lack of policy differences with Gordon Brown it is also a wee bit cynical.

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