Friday, 9 October 2009

Huddersfield - Give us a sign!

I read in today's Huddersfield Examiner how their (and Ken Davy's) campaign to get 'Welcome to Huddersfield' signs have been successful. Modesty prevents me from pointing out that it was actually me who kicked off this campaign earlier this year. Now Barry Sheerman will apparently be joining us at the official launch of the signs tomorrow. It's like the free insulation scheme all over again, everyone wants a share of the glory and why not.

The important thing of course is that we will have boundary markers which will help give the town more of a distinct identity from Kirklees (which is in Calderdale). There is a wider question of ' What is our vision for Huddersfield?'. The growing danger is that once people head over the Huddersfield border they will hit a ring road lined with supermarkets with a town full of empty shops. Then we will need another sign on New Street saying 'You are now in the 'dead centre' of Huddersfield'

The attached photo is from when I kicked off the campaign for Huddersfield signs and is my personal entry for the ' Glum Councillors' blog

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  1. Great to be giving a sense of identity back to Huddersfield. Well done!

    Those empty shops are a worry though. I counted 12 in the Packhorse Centre alone.

    Great blog too. Thanks for keeping us online folk informed.